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TinyStudio creative life Magazine Issue 18


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– Das Magazin für den achtsamen Spinner –

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– Das Magazin für den achtsamen Spinner –
herausgegeben von Fiberygoodness, Suzy Brown


Ausgabe 18, Februar 2023 enthält:

This issue is all about paying tribute to time, in fact this IS the ‘Timey Wimey’ issue, packed with articles to help boost your creativity, and stories linking what is past with what is still to come. Inspiration can be drawn from learning about spinners who came before us, the tools they used, and the ways they spun. It is wonderful to see how spinners are taking the traditions we have been bequeathed and adapting them to new styles, new ways to use them, and creative projects with a modern twist. We can also look to the future, as technology is developed that can be life changing, and will enhance our creativity in new ways.

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