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TinyStudio creative life Magazine Issue 21


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– Das Magazin für den achtsamen Spinner –

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– Das Magazin für den achtsamen Spinner –
herausgegeben von Fiberygoodness, Suzy Brown


Ausgabe 21, Dezember 2023 enthält:

Historical textiles, medieval spinning sticks, vintage knit vibes, there is so much from the past to inspire the fibery future! This issue has all that and more: custom weaving looms, weaving with texture, making use of waste fibres in gorgeous ways, and ART yarns to get you dreaming! You can jump in to a great DIY project and make yourself a medieval spinning stick, or custom looms to make sewing pattern pieces for no-cut, bespoke weaving. And you can help protect the planet one skein at a time with Ashley Martineau’s article on textile industry waste and how to rescue and use it!
I hope you will love this issue as much as I do!

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