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TinyStudio creative life Magazine Issue 22


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– Das Magazin für den achtsamen Spinner –

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– Das Magazin für den achtsamen Spinner –
herausgegeben von Fiberygoodness, Suzy Brown


Ausgabe 21, Dezember 2023 enthält:

Let us spread our wings and soar into a new year, filled with inspiration, in a very TinySTUDIO way. This first issue of the year is themed; ‘Birds’, and pays tribute to the endlessly varied colours, characters, and beauty of the avian world. Our day begins with the amazing sounds of the ‘dawn chorus’ as the birds wake up and sing to the rising sun. Louise Cook takes this inspiration and relates it to her Saori weaving practice, there are some beautiful insights in this article!
We look at some of the glorious colours found in nature, with Dia Robinson’s blending board tutorial replicating the vibrant hues of the Mandarin Duck.
Suzy shares some finished projects alongside their feathery inspirations, and we also feature a stunning shawl by Ineke De Brouwer, based on the story and plumage of the beautiful Kingfisher.
Another TinySTUDIO special focus, which will continue throughout the year is art yarns. These are lush yarns filled with texture, colour, sculptural forms, and creativity. Art yarns are incredibly fun, challenging, and exciting to create, and we have a couple of tutorials for you in this issue! Suzy shares the ‘recipe card’ for the cute Piwakawaka yarn made with chain ply and locks, and we have a gorgeous tutorial from Ashley Martineau on how to spin a super textured yarn with nepps, and keep them in the yarn. It is vibrant!

In future issues we will also be looking to answer the eternal question: what can you make with art yarns?

If you feel the need to spread your own wings and travel to exciting places, come along vicariously with Helen Keenan on her trip to the Faroe Island! What an amazing place.

We also have a special feature, Sara Luna, our cover artist! In Sara’s article (image below) we follow her art making journey in fiber, through punch needle and commercial yarns, to dyeing, and spinning her own yarns, weaving her canvasses, and stitching her designs, everything starting with the fleece.

As always, there is much more to delight and inspire in this jam packed issue! Learn about combining knitting and crochet into one project, or building a large woven piece from many combinations of smaller pieces. There is also a bit of history, and a visit to a flax museum!

I hope you will feel inspired to look to the skies, find new creative ideas inspired by the birdlife in your area, and maybe even spin your own art yarn to turn into something unique and beautiful!


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