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TinyStudio creative life Magazine Issue 19


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– Das Magazin für den achtsamen Spinner –

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– Das Magazin für den achtsamen Spinner –
herausgegeben von Fiberygoodness, Suzy Brown


Ausgabe 19, Mai 2023 enthält:

This is an issue containing a lot of fibery magic! We will see amazing magic tricks that transform fiber into yarn, yarn into weavings, weavings into clothing… and much more! Prepare to be astounded and amazed with all the great magical content in this issue! I am very excited to have artists featured from Japan, Europe, USA, South America, New Zealand, and the UK, and our topics range from spinning, to tools, different kinds of weaving, some fibery myth busting, and also a felting project. Enchantment abounds and is sure to inspire you to some wonderful creative ideas and projects.

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